Selected Technique:
Rapid Impact Compaction

The project involved constructing a new student residence building for the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus. The new, six-storey structure is located along Ellesmere Road in Scarborough, ON. Due to the existing soil conditions, ground improvement was required to guarantee settlement control and bearing capacity.

Ground Conditions

The soils consisted of 2-3 meters of sand fill overlying dense native soils.

Prior to the ground improvement works, the site was stripped of all topsoil, deleterious material, and asphalt, and the working surface was roughly graded.

Menard Canada Solution

University of Toronto RIC

University of Toronto Scarborough Student Residence – Toronto, Ontario

Due to the presence of fill soils, a program of excavation and replacement was initially prescribed. As an alternate approach, Menard Canada proposed the use of Rapid Impact Compaction. RIC uses a modified pile driving hammer to deliver energy to soils, compacting them in place. The compaction program was carried out in multiple phases over the entire footprint of the building, save for the future partial basement. The sand fills were compacted in place and deemed suitable for the support of the future building.
The compaction results were verified by means of Pressuremeter Testing and CPT.

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