Selected Technique:
Dynamic Compaction

Treatment Area:

Dam Length:

Project Depth:

Following the discovery of a gold deposit in Amaruq, located 200 km away from Baker Lake, NU, Agnico Eagle Mines needed to construct a dike approximately 800 meters long to allow for dewatering of the north part of Whale Tail Lake.

Ground Conditions

The frozen soils under the influence of the dyke were excavated to a depth of between 3 and 14m to reach rock level. The materials constituting the future dike consisted of a fine filter (0-3/4 inches) over a crest width of about 5m, then by coarse filter or rockfill on the sides. The level of the lake being located at elevation EL 152.5. The material making up the dike served as a working platform. The work platform level was located at elevation EL 157 except in the deep sector, where a temporary platform was made at elevation EL 154.5 to allow compaction in 2 phases.

Menard Canada Solution

Throughout the advancement of two single-line platforms above the existing water level, Menard Canada carried out Dynamic Compaction of the material to later facilitate the construction of a hydraulic cut-off wall.

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