Selected Technique:
Dynamic Compaction

Project Area:
2 100 m²

As part of the construction of a 4-storey housing building located rue des Loyaux in Trois-Rivières, the estimate revealed that Dynamic Compaction to improve the soils in place as an alternative to the preloading solution would prove to be ideal. Menard Canada offered the client Dynamic Compaction as a practical solution, with the added support of assisting with the preparation work for the specific work platform due to the nature of the soil.

Ground Conditions

The following soil profile was identified in the boreholes:

  • A fill of gravelly sand on the first 1.2m
  • The natural soil was composed of silty sand with a mixture of silt and sand to a depth of 10m
  • A silt beyond a thickness of more than 20m

Rue des Loyaux in Trois-Rivières, Québec

Menard Canada Solution

Menard Canada carried out a Dynamic Compaction treatment by placing the high-energy phases directly under the foundations in order to meet the performance criteria in the specifications (bearing capacity of 150 kPa ELTS for the building’s conventional foundations up to 3.66mx3.66m and 100 kPa ELTS to remove it). The first 1.8m of soil had been excavated and replaced beforehand with MG112 Class A sand. The depth of the excavation reached 2.7m at the raft’s location. The underlying soils were composed of a mixture of sand and silt, and a filter point system had been set up in order to maintain the water table at 1.5m depth from the working platform and dissipate the interstitial overpressures. The 6 CPT type inspection tests and the calculations carried out showed that the performance criteria were effectively met

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