Exceptional Solutions for Your Foundation Challenges

Whether you’re an owner, contractor, developer, engineer, or architect, you have two things in common: tight project timelines and even tighter project budgets. Menard Canada is here to help you with these challenges and more on your next foundation project. We invite you to explore our ground improvement system categories in the boxes below.

  • Rapid Installation: Shorter Project Timelines
  • Zero-Spoils: No Excess Soils to Remove
  • Simpler Foundation Design: Lowers Project Risk
  • Effective on Many Soil Types: Customized System Solutions
  • Environmentally Sound: Non-Disruptive Systems
  • Deep Foundation Alternative: Lower Project Cost

Ground Improvement Applications:

  • Building Foundations and Floor Slabs
  • Retaining Walls, Slopes, and Embankments
  • Storage Tanks and Power Plants
  • Transportation: Rail, Roads, Airports
  • Geotechnical and Geological Hazards
  • Seismic Risk and Liquefaction
  • Underground Infrastructure

How Does Ground Improvement Help Poor Soils?
Ground improvement with Menard Canada comes with many soil-related benefits by improving weak soils and fill soils by: 

  • Improving Bearing Capacity
  • Reducing Settlement
  • Preventing Liquefaction
  • Controlling Groundwater
  • Stabilize and Strengthen Soils
  • Containing Contaminated Soils

Fast development throughout Canada has made quality land very rare or simply unusable to build on due to poor soil conditions. Weak and extremely compressible or collapsible soils frequently cause negative consequences for a foundation project if they are not dramatically improved. Ground improvement plays a very important role in terms of improving soils to create solid foundation stability relating to load-bearing soils found under either new or existing structures. Furthermore, ground improvement has distinctive benefits when compared to over-excavation or dig-and-replace methods.

Ground Improvement is a geotechnical technique that is usually defined as using mechanical means to improve weak soils and fills to better support a structure. Essentially ground improvement is carried out using specialized equipment for altering the ground’s character, with or without the addition of engineered materials; this improves the fundamental properties of the soil by stabilizing weak soils to dramatically increase its bearing capacity, provide stability, control seepage, and to create liquefaction resistance. Ground improvement has become the preferred approach to taming poor soil sites, when compared to deep foundations, as well as dig-and-replace methods, which are both costly and have negative effects on the environment. Ground improvement is a zero-spoil approach that has proven to be more economical, reliable, and efficient than other traditional foundation methods.

We understand the risks that come with most foundation projects, especially when weak or contaminated soils are found, and work closely with you to ensure that no matter what the soil challenge is, we can help you find a ground improvement solution that will help you cut your project costs, shorten your projects timelines, and mitigate your project risk. With our experience of many thousands of foundation projects completed here in Canada and worldwide, you can be sure that you are working with the best, most experienced, and professional ground improvement specialists anywhere. With regional offices located across Canada, you will always get the best advice from a local “boots on the ground” perspective to help you find success in your foundation project.  In addition to its core ground improvement capabilities, Menard operates throughout our clients’ project life cycles, offering expert services in both soil investigation and soil remediation through its ConeTec and Remea affiliate companies.

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