Over 50 Years of Ground Improvement Across Canada: Menard’s History in Canada

Menard Canada is a ground improvement specialist contractor that started out in 1971 under its former name, Geopac. In 2007, Geopac was acquired by Menard Group and was renamed Menard Canada in 2017.

The relationship between Menard and Menard Canada goes back to over 50 years ago when Menard Canada (named Geopac at the time) was the first true licensee of Pressuremeter tests in Canada. Over time, Menard Canada has continued to introduce other technologies.

Today, Menard Canada helps contractors, engineers, developers, and architects develop and implement tailored geotechnical solutions to each project’s specific ground improvement requirements, as we have done since 1971. Our innovative solutions are custom-designed to help solve your most challenging environmental and civil engineering conditions involving soil, structures, and groundwater.

Menard’s Origins in France

Menard was founded in France well over 65 years ago by the late Louis Ménard, a true pioneer who was continually interested in developing new and better geotechnical methods and technologies to raise the bar in the geotechnical world, and raising the bar is what he did.

Louis set many industry standards with numerous firsts in his significant contributions to the geotechnical field. In addition, he invented new technologies for use in the geotechnical world that are still used today worldwide for testing, reinforcing, and improving soils.

Louis truly raised the bar when it came to overcoming geotechnical challenges, such as building on poor site soils and improved soil testing, to name just a few. Thanks to Louis and our past and current dedicated employees, we are well-known as industry innovators and the most knowledgeable ground improvement team for helping clients solve their poor soil challenges and realize project success.

A Legacy of Contributions

Below are just a few of the many valuable contributions that both Louis Ménard and other talented individuals at Menard contributed to the ongoing improvement of the geotechnical field with the creation of:

In the spirit of our founder, Louis Ménard, we welcome you to explore our innovative ground improvement solutions and discover what makes Menard different.

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