Menard Canada is a Ground Improvement Specialist contractor providing foundation solutions in Canada since 1971.


In 2007, Menard Canada joined the Menard group, a worldwide pioneer in ground improvement foundation solutions.

Menard is well-known for a number of innovations in the ground improvement / foundation industry, which include:

  1. Invention of the Pressuremeter in 1957,
  2. Dynamic Compaction in 1965,
  3. Dynamic Replacement in 1969,
  4. Menard Vacuum in 1988, and
  5. Controlled Modulus Columns in 1994.

The relationship between Menard and Menard Canada dates back to 1971 when Menard Canada was the first licensee of Pressuremeter tests in Canada. Over time, Menard Canada has introduced Dynamic Compaction, Dynamic Replacement, Controlled Modulus Columns and Geomix retaining wall applications to the Canadian construction market. Today, Menard Canada helps owners, engineers and contractors develop and implement tailored geotechnical solutions to each project’s specific requirements. Our innovative solutions are custom-designed to respond to environmental and civil engineering challenges involving soil, structures and ground water.