Selected Technique: 
Rapid Impact Compaction

Treatment Area:
12,000 m²

Treatment Depth:
6 m

Menard Canada was selected by Diamond Kilmer Developments to provide the required resources and quality control associated with the ground improvement work of Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC) for the proposed Street “A” and section of Street “B” at 411 Victoria Park in Toronto, ON.

Ground Conditions

The working platform was installed prior to Menard Canada arrival on site, the platform consisted of a combination of existing fill material and recycled concrete. The fill was underlain by a dense native sand layer, and based on the geotechnical information provided to Menard, the deepest fill areas were found on the East end of the site and extended to ±6 mbgs.

Menard Canada Solution

In consideration of the existing ground conditions encountered at site, it is required to carry out ground improvement, in the form of Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC), in order to verify the density of in-situ fills, compact any loose soils, improve the bearing capacity, and control total and differential settlement below road alignments. RIC was performed to meet the specifications of 100 kPa at SLS below the road.

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