In all our operations around the world, we are driven by the same commitment of leading by example in the relationships we have with all our stakeholders.

Whether in terms of business ethics or human rights, we require all our team members to comply fully with all applicable regulations, which are further reinforced by the commitments contained in our Group Ethics and Behaviour Charter, Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct and Manifesto.

The success, development and individual and collective long-term future of our companies depends on strict compliance with shared good practices and commitments that are binding on all of us with no exception.

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Learn More About Menard Canada

Menard Canada was established in 1971 and is a specialty geotechnical contractor, long considered the industry leader in ground improvement techniques and the creator of many specialty geotechnical methods used today throughout the world. Here in Canada, we specialize in helping you find solutions to a wide range of challenging soil conditions, focusing on ground improvement and reducing your soil-related site risks, saving you time, and effectively reducing your project expenditures.

All of our cost-effective foundation techniques are specially designed to reinforce and improve your most challenging soil sites wherever they are found. Our ground improvement systems effectively replace deep-excavation and dig and replace methods, both of which are costly to both project budgets and the environment, with foundation solutions that are as effective as they are reliable.

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We’re here to help you, the contractor, developer, engineer, or architect, throughout each phase of your foundation project, from the initial feasibility stage to the final design and build phase.   

Our ground improvement solutions are customized to the specific requirements of your project to provide you with the very best in value engineering and to ensure that you get the most practical and cost-efficient solution for your project. Also, all of our ground improvement projects are quoted with a firm price, ensuring that your project’s budget won’t come with any unexpected surprises or “extras.” With a long-term guarantee that you can always rely on our ground improvement systems to support any project, you can always rest assured that your project is in good hands.

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With the experience of many thousands of foundation projects completed in Canada and worldwide, you can be sure that you are working with the best, most experienced, and professional ground improvement specialists anywhere. With regional offices located across Canada, you will always get the best advice from a local “boots on the ground” perspective to help you with your foundation project.  

Above and beyond our Canadian presence with strong provincial ties from the east coast to the west coast, our Canadian clients benefit from Menard Groups’ global expertise and experience that brings to bear the knowledge of worldwide ground improvement projects across the globe. Menard belongs to a group of geotechnical specialists across all of North America that provide foundation solutions for thousands of projects each year and employs more than 2000 staff worldwide.