Menard: Defining Ground Improvement 

Menard is a geotechnical contractor specializing in environmental, infrastructure, industrial, residential, institutional, commercial, and civil engineering foundation projects worldwide. Menard has a long-standing reputation for offering clients engineered solutions that are both innovative, environmentally positive, and highly effective for improving the most challenging soil sites found worldwide. 

A Distinct Approach for Challenging Soil Conditions

Since our inception back in 1957, Menard has continuously defined what ground improvement means. Our definition is and always has been to: 

Improve the properties of poor soils to achieve optimal geotechnical conditions in order to effectively and efficiently support structures.

Our expert teams employ the most advanced systems, techniques, and methods that eliminate the need for unnecessary traditional deep foundations and bypass the need for disruptive and costly dig-and-replace approaches. It’s in our unique approach to geotechnical challenges that we’ve always been known for. 

Pioneered and implemented worldwide, many of the geotechnical solutions used today and that are now widely used throughout the geotechnical industry came directly from Menard.   

From ground-breaking equipment to the introduction of new methodologies for design and quality control, we are proud to say that we have made significant contributions to the geotechnical field as a whole and continue to elevate and innovate to continually improve the way challenging soils are improved. Our goal is to continue our tradition of introducing creative solutions that help contractors, developers, owners, and engineers to build more efficiently on the most challenging soil sites, wherever they may be. 

From design to build, we are here to help with a wide range of project types, including but not limited to ports & airports, highways & railways, buildings, processing/energy plants, and mines. Menard operates in 80+ countries through a network of local divisions, ensuring that no matter where a project is happening in the world, our local experts will have an intimate understanding of the client’s needs from a local perspective. 

Above and beyond these regional ties worldwide, our clients benefit from our all-encompassing global expertise. It’s our worldwide experience, coupled with a local presence, that lets us take on some of the largest ground improvement projects. Having grown from a small family firm, we are proud to say that we employ 2000+ staff worldwide and growing. We invite you to join family Menard to see how we can work as your trusted partner on your next foundation project.