Selected Technique:
Wick Drains

Treatment Area:
100 000m

Menard was awarded by Golder Associates on behalf of Evolution Mining for the soil improvement of an existing tailing pond for the support of a 15m+ dam embankment. The proposed solution of Wick Drains was installed over an average depth of 15m through the silty clay (frequent sand layers) tailings deposit. The project was located in Red Lake, Ontario, at the Evolution mine site and completed for the Ottawa BU.

Ground Conditions

Blasted rock, overlaying 1-2m of peat and following, silty clay tailings deposit approx. 10-20m thick, underlain by glacial till around 22mbgs.

Menard Canada Solution

The project was designed by Golder Associates, and Menard was working solely as a contractor.

Menard Canada provided all labour and supervision, equipment, and Wick Drain material to supply and install Wick Drains up to ±19.7 m deep with an average depth of 14.6 m as per the received information. The Wick-Drains were installed to speed up the consolidation process of the N/C clay. This would help reduce the time required to wait between each lift of the dam.

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