Selected Technique:
Wick Drains

Treatment Area:

Project Depth:

Candevcon awarded Menard Canada on behalf of Heathwood Homes for the soil improvement of existing agricultural lands to develop a residential subdivision. The proposed solution, Wick Drains, was installed over an average depth of 8.5m through the silty clay underlying the farmlands. The project was located in Whitby, Ontario.

Ground Conditions

The site ground conditions were primarily composed of an overlaying topsoil and silty sand fill and followed by an upper silt to silty clay layer with varying thicknesses around 5-7m, underlain by a competent sandy silt till.

Menard Canada Solution

Menard Canada provided all labour, equipment, and Wick Drain material to install Wick Drains up to 10m deep with an average depth of 8.5m. It is understood that as part of an ongoing pre-loading/surcharge program, wick drains were installed in several zones of the property to speed up the consolidation process of the N/C clay.

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