Selected Technique:
Controlled Modulus Columns (CMCs)

Treatment Area:
11 015 m²

Groupe Ressource En Logements Collectifs Gaspésie-les-Iles approached Menard Canada to improve the soil under the footings and the paving of the future CLA residence, located at 45 rue Dontigny, Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, Quebec due to excessive settlement in the absence of soil improvement. Installing Controlled Modulus Columns (CMC) was the proposed solution to reduce settlements under the structure.

Ground Conditions

The geotechnical data extracted from the drilling reports indicated the following soil profile:

45 rue Dontigny, Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, Québec

  • A backfill layer on the surface (layer excavated during land clearing and preparation of the working platform)
  • A layer of black earth (organic matter) (layer excavated during land clearing and preparation of the working platform)
  • A slightly compact gray silty clay beyond
  • Rock at a depth varying between 9m and 17m

The water table was encountered at approximately 1m deep.

Menard Canada Solution

Following the excavation of the black earth and the preparation of the work platform, Menard Canada installed CMCs with a diameter of 300mm under the foundations and the paving to a depth varying between 8.5m and 18m. However, the realization of this project, located more than 800 km from Montreal, presented a logistical and operational challenge due to the reduced treatment area (+- 40mx25m). The performance criteria to be achieved were to obtain an SLS bearing capacity of 80 kPa for total settlements of 25 mm for the foundations and 10 kPa for the slab (including the weight of the slab). In addition, a site elevation of 0.5m was taken into account in the design. The loading test made it possible to validate the behaviour of the CMCs as well as the geotechnical hypotheses taken within the framework of the dimensioning calculations to comply with the project criteria.

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