Selected Technique:
Controlled Modulus Columns (CMCs)

Project Area:
38 000 m²

Building A of the Leeswood project involved the construction of a new distribution center located on lot 6 402 840, rue Turnbull, near Highway 30 in Beauharnois, Quebec. Due to the compressibility of the soils and in order to limit total and differential settlements, the Controlled Modulus Column (CMC) system was chosen as the best solution for reinforcement to support the slab and the foundations.

Ground Conditions

The stratigraphy of the site was composed of 3 distinct layers before reaching the rock:

  • Topsoil with a thickness of 0.10m to 0.20m on all the boreholes drilled by GHD (2022) and Solroc (2021).
  • An embankment with organic matter with a thickness between 0.6 and 4.00 m
  • A silty clay deposit between 16.89 m and 19.82 m thick in BH-08 and BH-09. The silty clay deposit was to be divided into two distinct sections:
  • A clayey crust with a thickness of 3 meters;
  • A soft to firm clay with a thickness of approximately 13.8 to 16.8 meters;
  • A glacial till was intercepted directly under the silty clay in borehole BH-09. The rock was drilled in boreholes BH-08 and BH-09 to a thickness of 1.5m to 2m

Menard Canada Solution

The water level was measured at trenches TP 15 to 19 and TP 22 to 25 on February 10 and 11, 2022, with a rise in the water level to the highest of 39.70 m. On June 14, 2022, the water level was measured at 39.81 at the F-2 borehole drilled by Solroc.

Settlement Control: Under the slab on the ground:

  • Less than 25mm of total settlement
  • Less than 20mm of differential settlement
  • SLS load of 25 kPa excluding the weight of the slab
  • Additional moments between 8 and 11 kN*m/m
  • Modulus of reaction of 40 MPa/m
  • Slab top at geodetic elevation +42.00


  • Bearing capacity of 200 kPa SLS
  • Bearing capacity of 300 kPa ULS
  • Less than 25mm total settlement
  • Less than 20mm differential settlement

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