Selected Technique:
Vertical Drains

Treatment Area:

Project Depth:

As part of the expansion of the largest open-pit gold mine in Canada, the Canadian Malartic Mine will build a dyke over a length of 1km100 and reach a height of more than 20m compared to the current level of the natural ground to contain mining residues. Menard Canada was mandated by Norascon to install Vertical Drains through the soft clay on two sectors of the dike. The improved right-of-way totalled 375m in length by 45m in width.

Ground Conditions

The geotechnical profile of the two areas of intervention included a layer of peat 2.5m thick followed by a gray varved silty clay whose water content exceeded the plastic limit. The thickness of the clay was between 6m and more than 21m. The water table was located at the interface of the peat with the clay. After deforesting and removing the peat, Norascon installed a minimum of 500mm of sand to proceed with the installation of the drains.

Menard Canada Solution

Menard Canada installed over 7000 vertical Wick Drains in a mesh pattern across the footprint of the new dam. Installation was carried out over 24 hours/day, and over 120,000 linear meters of drains were installed ahead of the client’s schedule.

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