Selected Technique:
Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC)

Treatment Area:
 413 m²

During the geotechnical study for the MS512 telecommunications tower located on Rue St-Viateur in Rigaud, Quebec, a portion of the Till area was identified as liquefiable. Erivan Gecom selected Menard Canada to improve the soil on 413 m2, which represented the influence of the foundation as well as an overhang of 4m. the building loads.

Ground Conditions

The following soil profile was identified in the boreholes:

  • A layer of backfill over 0.3m from the surface composed mainly of sand;
  • A natural deposit composed of very steep silty clay to a depth of 2.74m
  • A deposit of sandy silt with some clay and the presence of coarse gravel up to 4.57m deep.
  • A Till composed of gravelly and silty sand beyond compact appearance except for the portion where it becomes saturated over a thickness of 0.6m between 5.33m and 6m depth compared to the natural ground.

Menard Canada Solution

An immediate settlement of the order of 200 mm was created by the process, which corresponds to a settlement of the order of 4.9%, considering an improved depth of 4 m. The Cone Penetration Tests (CPT) made it possible to verify that the potential for liquefaction of the saturated Till had indeed been successfully eliminated after the works.

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