Selected Technique:
Stone Columns

50 units

Project Depth:

Port Metro Vancouver was to construct a truck staging area at the intersection of Highway 17A and Deltaport Way to support operations at Deltaport. Ground improvement was selected for this project to maintain design consistency and protect against any possible future seismic events.

Ground Conditions

The site’s subsurface stratigraphy consisted of the following:

  • 0.3m of topsoil and fill over natural soil;
  • A silty crust to a depth of 5m with traces of organics and shell fragments;
  • Underlying interbedded silt and sand to a depth of 10m;
  • Followed by clean sand to a max. depth of 18m;
  • Underlying deep clay silt extending well beyond 40m

Deltaport Truck Staging Facility, Delta British Colombia

Menard Canada Solution

The liquefaction assessment of the site location revealed a possibility of post-liquefaction settlement at depths less than 15m. Menard Canada Canada installed Dry-Bottom Vibro-Replacement to address this issue. A Cone Penetration Test (CPT) confirmed the required performance established by the Engineer on this project. The site is located at a major highway intersection and a relatively smaller real estate area. So, extra care was taken in the traffic management plan to reduce the congestion and any incidents on the site.

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