Selected Technique:
Vibro Stone Columns

Treatment Area:
2,951 m²

Menard Canada was retained by Avantage Plus Inc. to improve the soil conditions for the foundations and the slab under a multi-unit building at 269-271 Notre Dame Repentigny. The area of soil area of the building requiring ground improvement was 2,688m2.

Ground Conditions

The geotechnical data extracted from the drilling reports throughout the site revealed the following soil profile.

  • Silts
  • Thickness of roughly 1.5 m.
  • Sand deposit
  • Silty sand;
  • Loose to medium compactness with an “N” index between 4 and 14.
  • Silty clay deposit

269-271 Notre Dame Repentigny Charlemagne, Québec

The water table was intercepted between 3.5 m and 4 m below the surface level. Therefore, the water table level could fluctuate depending on the season.

Menard Canada Solution

Menard Canada carried out this project utilizing Vibro Stone Columns using a conventional crane to densify the granular soils to 4.5 to 5 meters thick. The treated soils had to meet a bearing capacity of 100 kPa at the SLS for conventional foundations. The total and differential settlements could not exceed 25mm and 19mm, respectively—the post-liquefaction reconsolidating settlements needed to be approximately 50 to 60mm. The two test boreholes were investigated with Piezocone Tests, and the associated findings found that the criteria were met or exceeded.

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