Menard provides value engineering solutions with reduced greenhouse gas footprint compared to conventional deep foundations solutions. Menard has developed specific solutions for renewable energy such as windfarms, however our solutions apply to all energy sectors.


Every owner has a preferred way to build oil tanks but when it comes to foundation the goal is the same: control differential settlement to tank manufacturers requirements. Ground improvement, whether it is for controlling settlement or liquefaction mitigation, has been successfully used by Menard all over the world to support tank storage structures.


Since LNG tanks are particularly ground deformation sensitive structures, LNG projects are subjected to very strict building codes. Ground improvement allows to control such deformation as well as mitigate liquefaction when built in seismic sensitive areas.


When it comes to hydro-electricity, Menard has a range of solutions, whether it relates to ground water seepage using cut off walls in dams, or control of dike stability, we provide custom designed solutions for your project. Our track record is second to none and we’ve been involved in projects where our competitors would not perform.


More generally, if your project is meant to provide power, our solutions apply to your plants. Call us first to put your project on the right track from early stages of the project development to obtain a reliable performance solution to be constructed on time.

Heavy oil and bulk storage facilities generate large uniform loads that require effect support and load distribution within the foundation soils. Tank farms are often located along waterways or close to marine ports where loose or soft soils are present which create geotechnical design challenges. When vertical support is needed, historical solutions have included deep piles and concrete mats. Menard Canada ground improvement is an effective and economical substitute that is now routinely offered to support these heavy loads and deliver reliable and maintenance free foundation performance over time.


  • Control the total and differential settlements
  • Increase the factor of safety against bearing capacity failure
  • Reduce the risk of soil liquefaction during seismic events

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