Ensuring Long-Term Stability Through Ground Improvement

Guaranteeing the long-lasting performance of this infrastructure is vital, so it’s important to ensure that the soils that they will be resting on are stabilized and appropriately reinforced to avoid costly and damaging soil settlements over time. Ground improvement is a practical, economical, and efficient approach to the unique demands that both railways and roadway projects face when encountering poor soil. Our ground improvement approaches help to reinforce the soils in place without having to create a lot of excess soil, which is a positive from both a project budget perspective and from an environmental point of view, helping to protect area wildlife and wetlands from being disturbed.

Your Challenges

Transportation networks, such as roads and railways, are critical infrastructures and are heavily relied upon. Consequently, both must perform as expected over time, regardless of the day-to-day demands placed on them. However, one of the biggest challenges for most transportation infrastructures, especially with associated slopes, embankments, and retaining walls, is that they are often built-in areas consisting of highly compressible and weak soils with low bearing capacities, stability, and extreme settlement characteristics.

Our ground improvement systems are designed to help ensure that your infrastructure project is a success, no matter what soil-related challenges it faces. By choosing Menard Canada as your trusted partner for ground improvement, you are ensuring the success of your project through the following:

  • Regulation of structural settlements
  • Reduction of soil liquefaction
  • Mitigation of significant seismic incidences
  • Increasing the soils bearing capacity
  • Increase global short- and long-term stability

Our Solutions

When your project is facing costly delays, geotechnical risks, and budget overruns due to challenging site soils, we’re here to help guide you to the best ground improvement solution for your project. As experts in the geotechnical field for well over 50-years, you can be assured that we can help you efficiently and effectively improve the characteristics of almost any soil type found across Canada, including artificial fills, clay, sands, and even organic soils.

Some of the systems that we commonly use for infrastructure projects, such as roadways, highways, and railways, are:


Railways embankments, tramways, railways stations


Viaducts, flyovers and overpasses, bridge approach, footbridges, bridge abutments, box culvert underpasses

Roads and Highways

Roads and highways embankments, slope stabilisation



  • Viaducts,
  • Flyovers and overpasses,
  • Bridge approach,
  • Footbridges,
  • Bridge abutments,
  • Box culvert underpasses


  • Railways embankments,
  • Tramways,
  • Railways stations

Roads and Highways

  • Roads and highways embankments,
  • Slope stabilization

Learn more about how we can help you with your most complex projects, no matter how challenging the soils are. Get in touch with us anytime to speak with one of our ground improvement experts to see how we can improve your next project. Our project feasibility studies are always complimentary and pressure-free, so reach out today.

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From a suburban road to a key high-speed train line, Menard Canada masters the full range of ground improvement solutions to deliver your project on time and on budget. So get in touch with us today, and see how we can make your next project better.