Menard Canada Spotlight

Collin Spence, Appointed as Toronto Branch Manager

After being with Menard Canada for over two-and-a-half years, Collin was recently promoted from within Menard Canada to head the Toronto area branch, a newly created role for our Toronto office.

For Menard Canada, Toronto is one of the most dynamic regions to lead in Canada based on site scarcity, population growth, and development. Being responsible for the Toronto branch required someone who could wear many hats, pivot on a dime, and keep their cool under pressure, all of which Collin brings to the table in spades; he is a natural fit for the role, and we are excited to have him leading this region.

He is now much more involved in the operations side of the business than he was in his previous role, which encompasses a multitude of new and exciting responsibilities. While also keeping a keen eye on the Toronto area market and staying ahead of it.

Collin has always been involved in heavy construction as a whole to some degree or another throughout his career, even before Menard Canada, and especially in his personal life.

A lot of Collin’s expert skill set comes from his family’s long and diverse history of being in the Ontario construction field. In fact, his Father is a Gold Seal Foremen and had exposed Collin to the industry at a very young age. Although reluctant at first to lose his summers working away from home on a construction site, it’s these experiences working with his Father that taught him most of what he knows today. As a kid, he remembers tagging along in heavy equipment before “real” safety and policy was a thing.

Collin had this to say when asked about what drives his passion “My family’s history within the field and impact from my Dad; was really instrumental in putting me on this career path, he took great pride in his work, and this has been forever engrained with me. What really hit home was years later, driving by the first site I had worked on. Like so many others in the industry, was seeing the positive impact of your own hard work to create something that would be long-lasting. That’s the moment that sealed the deal for me.”

When Collin’s not working and has some free time, his passion lies with the outdoors and testing his limits on the ski slopes or mountain bike trails.