The objective of this position is to meet the general administrative needs of the office and on the monitoring and compliance of contract documents.

Under the supervision of the Operations Manager and Branch Manager and works directly with the management team

  • Located in Uxbridge, Ontario

Major functions

  • Provide clients with administrative documents related to contracts (licences, health and safety documents, tax numbers, resolution of admissions)

  • Update the list of contracts

  • Reading the contract and identifying important point

  • The follow-up of contracts, if received, PO of the client, weekly update. See some clauses and notify if they are not compliant (payment, HB etc.)

  • Prepare contract termination documents (Form 7, Statutory Declaration)

  • Communication with clients and suppliers (email, phone, etc.)

  • Opening of contracts (Teams, Tips,)

  • Ensure that licenses, attestations, receipts are up to date and compliant

  • Support the work of project managers in relation to contracts

  • Request for a certificate of insurance following requests from clients and our other offices

  • Follow-up of the administrative documents required in case of release of payment of clients (receipt, emails, forms)

  • Help with the preparation of templates during invoicing with the administrative information received

  • Entering invoices for the Province of Ontario from suppliers

  • Responsible for stationery, photocopier and office supply, consumable coffee, water, etc.

  • Receiving, mailing, sending Courier Puro, UPS, deposit at the bank

  • Assist in event preparation

  • Make hotel reservations, administrative aircraft and assistance with operations

  • Perform and monitor vehicle rental if necessary for administrative staff

  • Support to other departments if required in case of surplus.

  • Support with the accountant for the management of payables as needed

  • Outputs and classification of invoices related to LFS/cheques in accounting as required.

  • Ordering of Business Cards

  • Ordering of New Employee Cell Phones

  • Complete pre-qualifying and tender packages when requested

  • Complete Supplier applications for authorized credit and setting up on PowerForms

  • Emkay Administrator

  • Cash Flow tracking for Ontario and Meetings Monthly


Level of knowledge required

  • Intermediate: has broad job knowledge; knows and applies all the concepts, practices of the field of specialty


  • Skilled with the Microsoft Office suite: Word, Excel, Power Point, Teams and Outlook

  • Must be thorough and pro-active

  • Sense of responsibility, initiative, autonomy and diligence, proactive

  • Be comfortable and easy to learn from information tools and internal applications of the group

  • Good responsiveness and anticipation

Other requirements

  • Hold secretarial and accounting training (DEP, AEC or technical)

  • Have at least 3 years of experience in a construction company

  • Working under pressure and as a team

  • 40 hours per week and competitive salary

  • Bilingual (asset)

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume at