Safety Policy Statement

It is the policy of Menard Canada Inc. to provide a working environment free of recognized hazards in order to protect the health and welfare of all our employees, contractor employees, visitors and their respective property. As part of our corporate culture, we hold safety as a top priority.


It is the objective of our safety program to provide health and safety policies and procedures, to protect the well-being of everyone involved and to reduce the human and financial costs associated with incidents occurring during the course of operations.


Employees, at every level, are responsible and accountable for the company’s safety performance. Active participation from everyone is necessary to achieve safety excellence.


Management will insist that personal behavior and performance meets the company’s safety standards that safety training is provided when required, and that all incidents are reported and investigated so that corrective action can be taken to prevent recurrence.


Supervisors will ensure; that workers know their safety responsibilities, that all workers are well trained in their job processes and the associated hazards, that all substandard conditions and practices are corrected and that all workers wear personal protection equipment when and where it is required.


Workers are required; to perform their duties in accordance with all Menard Canada Policies, Safe Work Practices and Procedures, to report accidents and near misses, to report substandard conditions and practices, and to wear their personal protection equipment when required.


Contractors and visitors visiting and working on properties owned or leased by Menard Canada are required to comply with the company’s safety policies and procedures.


Employees at all levels, contractors, visitors, and partners must comply with the safety legislation of the jurisdictions that the company operates in.


In order to be successful, we all must treat safety as our first priority and have the courage to act responsibly.