What it is:

Deep Soil Mixing uses a special tool for in situ mechanical mixing of the soil with binder through a process that simultaneously breaks down the soil without extraction and injects a binder at low pressure to create columns or panels of reinforced soil.

How it works:

The machine is equipped with one or more mixing tools (augers, blades, rotating head) to directly inject the binder into the required areas. The stabilizing agent is introduced into the soil to be treated and vigorously mixed by the mixer blades. The process parameters are adjusted to the soil’s resistance and the desired characteristics.

Why it’s used:

This technique is used to reduce settling under structures, increase soil bearing capacity, ensure stability (by reducing liquefaction), reduce thrust behind support structures, block ground water, increase lateral reaction around foundation piles, etc. The process can create a wide variety of treatment geometries (stand-alone components, grids, walls, cells, blocks) and thus us easily adapted to a broad range of structures and applications.

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