What it is:

Cutter Soil Mixing uses a special tool for in situ mechanical mixing of the soil with a binder through a process that simultaneously breaks down the soil without extracting it, injects a binder at low pressure, and mixes the binder with the soil.

How it works:

The Cutter Soil Mixing process uses two counter-rotating drums equipped with teeth of a suitable size for effective cutting of the solid and quality mixing. This tool is mounted on a rigid Kelly bar with a square cross section so the position and vertical alignment of the tool can be adjusted, for a high level of working precision.

Why it’s used:

Cutter Soil Mixing is used to improve compressible foundation soils, reinforce highway or railway embankments and build cutoff walls for containment of contaminated area or control of ground water infiltration. Menard also provides turnkey services for retaining and cutoff walls used in the construction of underground parking garages on sites with a high water table.

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