Safety is the forefront of our operations and is the culture we portray on our worksites.  It is this attitude that extends to our employees’ families, our contractors, the communities in which we operate and all other Menard Canada stakeholders.

Safety Initiative

It is our priority that our employees are entitled to healthy careers in an incident-free workplace. No job is ever too important that we can’t take the time to do it safely. That is why we subscribe to the key prequalification systems and maintain COR certifications in all its work jurisdictions. We cultivate strict competency and training standards to equip our team with the skills to successfully manage and execute our work. Menard Canada vows to continuously improve our policies to encourage an influential safety culture & share best practices with any entity that we engage with. We appreciate clients and opportunities with whom relate to the same HSE values. Safety culture doesn’t end with the adoption of a policy but rather is the beginning of a mindset that frames the way you approach safety, both in your personal & professional life.

2019 Safety topic is Just Say STOP
In hazardous situations, silence can kill!
When you see it, say it, STOP it!

2018 safety campaign is about “Work safe/Live safe”. Menard employees and family members get together spent a fun day altogether while raising awareness on safety at home, like at work!

For 2017 we launched our safety campaign, “Safety is in your hands”. This is a unique campaign dedicated to prevention of accidents involving hands, and which will run throughout the year. The aim is to raise awareness among all our staff and partners about the risks of hand injury and to improve our practices.