What it is:

Prefabricated drains consist of a plastic core wrapped in geotextile fabric to prevent clogging. There are various types of prefabricated drains (round or flat) of various sizes. Sizing of drain systems is based on the various types of soil encountered and the anticipated consolidation.

How it works:

Depending on the soil, static, dynamic or stato-dynamic drilling methods are used, with conventional machinery to install drains down to depths of 50 m. The chuck is secured to a telescoping shaft mounted on the arm of a mechanical shovel or crane.

Why it’s used:

This process can accelerate soil consolidation. In general, a preloading program linked with a wick drain system is used to “force” settling during the site work, within a limited time, to limit settling within acceptable limits for the project, and residual settling affecting the structure during its service life.

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