What it is:

The Trenchmix process is an in situ soil mixing technique that forms a continuous soil-mix wall and upgrades the soil’s mechanical properties.

How it works:

The Trenchmix tool consists of a blade 10 to 15 metres long, equipped with a rotating cutting chain similar to a chainsaw. A continuous soil-mixed wall or panel is formed by first lowering the blade into the ground until it has reached a vertical position. The soil is then broken up and mixed with a binding agent while the blade is pulled horizontally through the soil. The binder may be introduced as a powder (dry method) or a prepared grout (wet method), depending on the application and soil conditions.

Why it’s used:

Used under fill, Trenchmix improves overall stability and limits settling. It can be used to build containment boxes for liquefiable soils, protecting against building collapse due to seismic shock. Finally, the process can be used to increase bearing capacity under structures such as electrical pylons.

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