Environmental Policy Statement

Menard Canada considers environmental protection to be an important and integral part of conducting business. Menard Canada will consider environmental impact at every stage of the management process.


Menard Canada Environmental Policy includes:
  • Minimize hazards to public health,
  • Assess potential environmental risks,
  • Protect the environment from adverse effects potentially resulting from Menard Canada’s operations, in accordance with industry standards and best practices,
  • Comply with legislated standards and regulations,
  • Evaluate and monitor environmental performance to applicable standards,
  • Work with industry, government and staff to maintain environmental awareness,
  • Maintain effective reporting to senior management,
  • Implement and encourage recycling practices throughout our areas of operation, and
  • Ensure that employees follow recommended environmental control practices when performing every day activities.

Additionally, on large, complex projects of substantial duration and in areas with known environmental contaminants, Menard Canada’s policy is to:

  • Appoint an environmental designate,
  • Provide education to participating personnel, thus enabling them to understand and share in the responsibility for monitoring and protecting the environment,
  • Maintain an effective reporting and communications system, and
  • Develop a project specific environmental action plan commensurate with company standards and regulatory / client requirements.